Weekly roundup ai??i?? Get some sleep

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Weekly roundup ai??i?? Get some sleep

Weekly roundup ai??i?? Get some sleep

Welcome to a new week and a fresh set of inspiration! This time weai??i??re looking at business etiquette and sharing some top tips on what not to do, weai??i??re also taking a closer look at punctuation and how it can help improve your communication. Also this week, we take a look at Snapchatai??i??s latest new product, help you pick a great name for your company, and see how power naps could improve your creativity.

A Snap too far?

Last week Snapchat announced the launch of their newest product: Snapchat Spectacles. A pair of colourful sunglasses with an inbuilt camera that allows you to Snap everything you see. But after the flop that was Google Glasses, is the market really ready for another piece of wearable tech? (via

The period.

Weai??i??re talking punctuation here. The period, full stop. You may hardly use them anymore in your texts, posts, and tweets, but research shows that it certainly ainai??i??t dead.Ai?? (via

Making a good impression

Now weai??i??re on the topic of periods ai??i?? still the grammatical kind ai??i?? here are some great tips on how to do business etiquette, periods included. (via

Elite branding

So youai??i??ve got your product all figured out and youai??i??re ready to start branding your company, but what will you call it? Time to start testing some names. If you want customers to find you quickly and understand what you do based on your name, youai??i??d better pick a good one. Here are some tips on picking a perfect name. (via

Power naps

Weai??i??ve said it before and weai??i??ll say it again; eight consecutive hours sitting at a desk ainai??i??t productive. Regular walks, stretches, and power naps will increase your productivity, happiness, and health ai??i?? ostrich pillow anyone? Show this to your boss! (via

Main image: Ostrich Pillow by Studio Banana Things

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