Weekly roundup ai??i?? Think big, think local

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Weekly roundup ai??i?? Think big, think local


Weekly roundup – Think big, think local

Although this may not have been a great week for Europe ‘ bye bye Britain ‘ it was a great week for the Netherlands. At least, for Dutch ad agencies. The Dutch won big at Cannes Lions last week and we’re looking at the trends. Also this week we’re taking a look at how to maximise your brand by using your local expertise, how to maximise you advertising efforts on a budget, and learning to accept that our computers are probably not getting any faster.

Cannes Lions

Dutch companies won big during this year’s Cannes Lions ‘ the international ai???Oscars’ for advertising. Check out a roundup of trends seen at the festival this year. (via

Why act like a tourist when you can live like a local?

Companies, and especially those in the hospitality industry, are veering towards localisedAi?? content. It’s a strategy we already employ for our clients citizenM and Stayokay. Here are some top tips about creating local content for your brand. (via

Have we reached maximum speed?

The 50-year saga of Moore’s Law has not only delivered a world unimaginable a few generations ago, but also taught us an important lesson about industry dynamics. Industry competition looks less like a boxing ring. The pecking order among players doesn’t change much during normal times. But when disruption occurs, like in the onslaught of digitalisation or the sharing economy, new windows of opportunity open. (via

Art Deco in Cuba

Cuba, the home of Cuban salsa, Cuban cigars, and amazing architecture. Take a look at the photo gallery and picture yourself sipping on some bootleg among these stunning 1920s interiors. (via

How to make an impact on a small budget

Need to launch a big marketing campaign but only have a tiny budget? No need to panic. Take a look at this comprehensive, 3-step plan that can help maximise any advertising efforts. (via

Unexpected inspiration

Here is a great example of a company ‘ Novartis is a healthcare company from Switzerland ‘ that has embraced digital media, illustration, and informative content to create a submersive user experience. The microsite is a curated online exhibition that showcases how nature has informed modern medicine. (via

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