weekly roundup week 15

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weekly roundup week 15


Weekly roundup week 15

For a team specialising in creative strategies and brand awareness, we sure have kept quiet about what gets our brains waving and creative juices flowing.
That’s why it’s about time that we started sharing a weekly roundup of great articles that we found on the web. Hope you’ll find them as insightful as we do. And don’t worry about your boss breathing down your neck, they’re all business-insider approved.

Death of a Real Estate Broker: 10 Ways the Industry Is Changing

We were pretty surprised to learn that real estate is the largest global consumer of resources and raw materials. According to the recent World Economic Forum Report, real estate uses a whopping 40% of global energy, annually. Here’s a closer look at how new technologies and demographic shifts will impact jobs, skills and business models even within the world of real estate. (Via

How Facebook is trying to revive 'orginal sharing'

Two things are driving the decline. First, there’s the rise of professional content on Facebook. Second, there’s the shift from content published in private to content published in public.
One little problem: Professional content can be found anywhere online.
Beyond that, all those inside jokes, blurry photos, and half-baked opinions you used to post now feel out-of-place amid all the professional content.
Our prediction is that Facebook will become a tool for ai???original sharingai???, even though we as individuals have become much less visible. Where is all of this going and how will Facebook seduce us in the future? (via

Also take a look at how Facebook is opening the floodgates to sponsored content.

If you could pitch to one person, who would it be?

ai???As a rule, I don’t ‘ Ragy Thomas

It’s a great example of someone willing to show some balls, and see his company ‘ founded in 2009 ‘ grow to a net worth of 1.7 billion dollars. (via

When brands team up with influencers, and do it well
Even those of us who care about the environment, fair wages, and good working standards for all, will at some point in their life have set foot in an H&M store. It’s almost inevitable. Right? Even though this fast-fashion giant has a long, long way to go, they realise that the change must start with them. Hence the new Re-wear It campaign. Being backed by pop-culture human rights activist M.I.A., seems like a smart move. But will it get consumers on board? (via

Reading list
Art of War, Laozi, and I Ching have both inspired us, and been a source of self-mockery, because don’t they all just tell us that the answer lies within? Now, they have gained new status, and become mandatory reading material for business disruptors. Here’s why.(via

Don’t feel like reading but still need some inspiration?
Here are 10 TED Talks to Inspire. (via

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