A life hack for hungry entrepeneurs

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A life hack for hungry entrepeneurs


Hunger Hack

When our friend Joachim came to us with a fascinating new product he created, we could not withstand the urge to help him out with a little logo for his product.

The name was already set, “Hunger Hack”, Simple, a life hack when it comes to being hungry and busy.

Hunger Hack provides a tasty, quick and healthy solution for busy entrepreneurs, who prefer not to take time off their project to cook diner, do groceries, or make restaurant reservations.Ai??The product comes in a bottle, and contains all necessary minerals, vitamins and protein equal to a normal size healthy diner.

Just add water.

We played around with the idea of having a bite in the simplest form.Ai??Joachim asked to to keep the logo very simple, modern and no nonsense, just like the product.Ai??We think we’ve done a pretty great job!



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