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How did we…

Turn Spaces’ vision of a new way of working within the real estate market into a brand experience and subsequent communication strategy?


Developing a strong single brand message with a clear identity and a unique tone of voice and putting that into a brand guide and communication templates, enabling Spaces to consistently communicate a clear proposition long even after we handed the project over to them. The brand is reflected into the office spaces through an emphasis on internal branding, which allows for the brand values to be constantly on the top of the mind. We also included aspects like a website, brochures, and stationary into the brand strategy.


Spaces being the leading concept in the serviced office market with locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, London, New York, and Melbourne with target occupancy rates exceeding at the location launches.

Formlab is our one stop shop for strategic guidance and startling creativity, fortunately for us they are also very nice.

Frederique Keuning – Creative Director Spaces.


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