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No, this is not our new brand declaration, but it is one that we recently helped develop. Phase 1 of the new communication and brand strategy for World Trade Center The Hague has recently been put into practice and we couldn’t be prouder!

Here’s a classic example of how a straightforward brief to curate an opening event, led to a complete restyling of a brand.

So what was the initial brief? Come up with a creative campaign around the newly opened WTC plaza.

Of course, we went further, providing creative solutions to underlying problems. What we did was help develop, and roll-out a new brand and communication strategy for WTC The Hague, focusing on the redevelopment of the building’s new entrance.

Where the building consisted of a number of separate towers and different entrances, now each of the towers ‘ along with a host of food and beverage facilities ‘ has been united in one grand foyer, The Lobby, as we now like to call it.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-19 om 11.07.55

This building with an international focus is home to many different target audiences, including office workers, big business, and corporations, but also facilitates tenants and surrounding offices with the food and beverage concepts, gym, supermarket, and daycare, among other things.

The starting point was to figure out what the wishes and internal values of the client were, and what they needed to be. Uniting all the towers, uniting all the facilities, and truly offering a full-service experience, with the possibility to connect with each other and meet new people, all under one roof. The tag lines became: ai???Connect to a world of possibilities’ (external) and ‘We take care, so that you can take care of business’ (internal).

And so we did. We took care of the brand identity, cleaning up and setting clear rules, developing the tone of voice into one that was corporate yet witty, and creating an entirely new method of communication. Naturally, we didn’t stick to just one facet, we took it all on, and developed the tools for print, web, advertising, you name it. We also took it a step further, creating a series of campaign images that integrate the Work, Meet, Leisure, Connect in strong visuals.

Oh and the opening? We brought our campaign visuals to life in a stop-motion-inspired video that shows the remodelling of the Lobby and WTC The Hague as the perfect place to do business.

Looks like we took care pretty well.

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