Weekly roundup ai??i?? Colour theory

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Weekly roundup ai??i?? Colour theory


Weekly roundup – Colour theory

This week we’re focussing on the latest boost of messaging apps, with Snapchat becoming ever-more popular amongst the ai???non-millennials’ and announcing new functionalities within their app. We also see how two entrepreneurs are reaping in the ‘ at least emotional ‘ benefits of their motivational app ai???Shine’ and take a crash course in colour theory with economist Noreena Hertz. Want to know which hue of yellow Snapchat actually uses? Check our RCA-graduate Fiona O’Leary prototype that is set to become a must-have for graphic designers.

Old people on Snapchat

When did being on Snapchat go from being ai???cool’ to being mainstream? When the ai???old’ people starting joining presumably. Kidding aside, even though Snapchat is being widely adopted by an older audience, it’s core audience of 18-24 year olds is continuing to climb. Must be that new bread filter’ (via

In related news, Snapchat just introduced the ai???my memories’ feature, allowing users to share their old Snapchat stories with the world. Read it hereAi??

The PokAi?? Ball for fonts

Ever wondered which typeface your favourite brand uses, or need that one specific colour for your campaign? RCA graduate Fiona O’Leary has developed a prototype that will solve all your graphic needs. Somewhat like Shazam for colours. (via

Choose your colours carefully

British economist Noreena Hertz, the author of Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World, explains how colour can be much more than just a subtle mood enhancer.

“Your senses affect your decision making,ai??? do they really? (via

A daily dose of smiles

Messaging apps are dominating our smartphone use and apps that use messaging bots are on the rise. Two entrepreneurs from are seeing a rise in the use of their successful inspirational messaging service Shine:

ai???Millennials actually respect advice from peers more than a guru or a coach,ai??? ‘ Marah Lidey, Shine’s co-founder


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