Weekly Roundup ai??i?? Dandy Lions

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Weekly Roundup ai??i?? Dandy Lions


Weekly Roundup – Dandy Lions

Time to take a break and sift through our latest weekly roundup. This week we’re seeing the latest use of subcultures in marketing and taking stock of a refreshing new body image. We read about taking it slow and steady in order to create your perfect product, and how a legendary nightclub shaped London’s nightlife scene for the past 17 years. Of course we’ve also collected some great tips for you again this week so read on!

The Dandy Lions

When marketing professionals and pop stars start using sub cultures in their videos, you know they’re ai???having a moment’. But there is more to the ai???black dandies’ of Congo, South-Africa, London, and more, than their aesthetic marketing appeal, as described in this article. (via

Take your time

Engineering Mastermind James Dyson has launched his company’s latest take on household appliances, this time the hairdryer has been reimagined. The success? His ai???Tedious’ creative process:Ai??ai???You must only make one change at a time,ai??? says Dyson. (via

Be positive, body positive!

In the past year or so we’ve seen an influx in the number of body positive ad campaigns for (big) brands. The downside? They tend to be overly-sexualised, photoshopped images of full-figured ladies that don’t focusing on the realness (cellulite, scars, skin colour).Ai?? Luckily there is a brand that’s doing it right, Lonely Lingerie. (via


During our trip to London for the opening of two new citizenM hotels a few weeks ago, we saw the posters hanging all over Shoreditch: #SaveFabric. Fabric is a legendary nightclub ‘ currently under threat of permanent closure ‘ that seeks to unite people through the power of music. See how their in-house art-director Roberto Rosolin, has been aiming for cultural engagement throughAi?? the club’s progressive promotion. (via

Want to work abroad?

Wanderlust got you looking further afield? Here are some top tips for those looking to relocate oversees. (via

While we’re on the subject, networking is going to be your main way of getting into an international company, so here are some tips on becoming a social butterfly. (via

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