Weekly roundup – dedication

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Weekly roundup – dedication


Weekly roundup – dedication

Coming to you midweek this week, because why stick to conventions? This week we’re taking a look at true dedication, as shown in the past courtesy of Terence Donovan and in the present thanks to the likes of Kanye and Rebecca Minkoff. We also take a look at what crazy bosses do for the workplace, and salivate over this year’s Beazley Designs of the Year nominees. Happy reading!

On dedication

Photographer Terence Donovan is one to admire, to aspire to, one that makes you think: ai???Am I that dedicated to my work?ai??? Think you can name all the stars he photographed in the 1960s? (via

Crazy bosses

Think your boss is crazy, or have you noticed your employees acting strangely when you walk past? Maybe you should have a read of this’ (via

Design porn

When scrolling through the London Design Museum’s Beazley Designs of the Year nominees, we can’t help but get goosebumps. They’re just so’sexy! (via

What would Kanye do?

Probably a question lots of people ask themselves each day. No? Well, if you are interested, here are ten brands that the eccentric entrepreneur/self-proclaimed greatest artist of all time loves. (via

The fashion darling

Not so much on the radar over here in Europe, but designer Rebecca Minkoff continues to disrupt the fashion world at large with her high-tech fashion shows. (via

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