Weekly roundup – have a giggle

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Weekly roundup – have a giggle


Weekly roundup – have a giggle

This week we’ve got some great examples on redefining your brand, and taking something textbook and turning it upside down. We’re also having a sneaky giggle at the science of laughter, and the science of networking. Last but not least, get inside the mind of a designer and find out what makes them tick.

On fixing your brand

When brands grow too fast and position themselves as something they are not, things tend to go a little awry. Here’s how French athleisure brand Lacoste is fixing its brand, from closing stores, to redefining what, in fact, it is. (via

Not your textbook textbook

ai???Why are textbooks always so boring?ai??? must have been the thought of artist Emily Evans, who has designed an anatomy textbook to die for (pun intended). Sophisticated, well-designed, and accurate, we feel smarter already. (via

Funny how?

We all remember the scene from Goodfellas, where Joe Pesci is accused of ai???being funny’. While we are probably all guilty of laughing along at jokes that just weren’t funny by people higher up the chain, this article looks at what this says about your social status. (via

Not a natural networker?

In our office we have a complete opposition of people who can network as well as they can ride a bike, and those who would rather curl up in a little ball if you place them in a room full of strangers. Luckily, science might be able to offer some tips on overcoming your fear of awkward social situations. (via

How ethical is branding?

Ever wondered how designers feel when given a brief for a new ‘ or existing ‘ brand? Have a read of this essay, it’s sure to enlighten you! (via

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