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Weekly Roundup ai??i?? Leverage


Weekly Roundup – Leverage

We’ve got a packed one this week as we look at some new developments around Airbnb and Youtube. There are some great tips on driving your social presence, as well as how to write the perfect email. Also this week we’re looking at new developments in the internet of things, how a ballet dancer is looking to drive video content to connect with a new audience, and a logo series that are available for purchase off the peg.

The internet of things

In the coming years, the number of connected devices is set to soar from 15 to 50 billion. That means that your shower will be talking to your water company, and your solar panels to your automatic plant watering system. Efficiency is key here, but will we have enough skilled labour to help develop, maintain, and read the system? (via

Ballet on the small screen

And by small screen we mean your smartphone screen. Canadian ballet dancer Guillaume CA?tAi?? made his first (viral) ballet video production almost four years ago, to get millennials enthusiastic about ballet. Whether his model has proven to be successful or not, we’ll leave you to decide, but it certainly gained traction. (via

Partnering up

Airbnb has acquired an activity-booking startup from Barcelona that allows tourists toAi?? experience life like a local, with a local. So is this the future? Capturing experiences through content and then to package those as sellable activities? Hmmmm. (via

Driving your brand on social

Whether you’re selling hotel rooms, workspace, or vegan, sugar-free cookies, having an acting presence on social media is a great way to gain loyal, engaged customers. Here are some top tips from the pros on how to grow your social awareness. (via

Be a hero

Youtube is launching its ai???Youtube Heroes’ programme, a community-driven platform which allows super users to flag inappropriate content, moderate, and add captions for instance. As a reward, they can gain access to new features ahead of the crowd, and get a behind-the-scenes look at new products. It’s something that the Dutch online tech shop Coolblue has been doing for years. A great way to grow the community, get insights into use, and get unpaid labour perhaps’ (via

Email better

We wrote in last week’s weekly roundup that face time is an all-important factor of business, but it’s time consuming and not always practical. Enter the email. This article looks at the pitfalls of email communication and how to step up your email game. (via

Off the rack logos

Thought that logo designs were always custom made to suit the client? Well, in most cases they are. But designer David DeSandro of Mettafizzy has created Logo Pizza, an online shop selling pre-made logos. The twist is that each time a logo is sold, the price goes up by $20. (via

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