Weekly roundup ai??i?? toke, block, steal, and build

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Weekly roundup ai??i?? toke, block, steal, and build


Weekly roundup – toke, block, steal, and build

Your weekly dose of inspiration, tips, and lessons is here and this time we see how seemingly illegal activity may not be so bad. We’re looking at how drugs have been influencing art since the start and learn that stealing another man’s copy could actually be enriching our literature. We also take a lesson in personal brand building from a woman who has made it her business, and we admit defeat in the ad blocking game against Facebook. Click on through for the full articles!

High on art

Do you like your art accessible, thought provoking, or simply high as a kite? Art and drugs have always had a successful symbiosis and here’s a look at some artists who use (illegal) substances as creative juice, as experimentation device, or as the medium itself. (via

The brand of ai???me’

We’re in the brand-building business here and building your company brand is our core business. But have you ever thought about building your personal brand? We’re not even talking online presence here, but your real-life work floor persona. Read on for some top tips by communication coach Mary Civiello. (via


Think that storyline from your favourite classic novel is so original, well it might not be. Even Shakespeare was guilty of some plagiarism here and there, so why shouldn’t you be? Here’s an argument for more copy-pasting. (via

Blocking the blockers

Who will win the cat and mouse game between Facebook’s ads and ad blocking apps? What would the social media giant do if it ultimately loses its main source of income? Well, we’ll probably never know, because Facebook will ultimately win the battle. (via

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