Weekly Roundup ai??i?? Transcendency

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Weekly Roundup ai??i?? Transcendency


Weekly roundup – Transcendency

We’ve got a great thing going on here at the Formlab studio, and it’s our word of the week. While we love sharing our inspiration for the week, this is also a great opportunity to share our word of the week, and broaden our (and hopefully your) vocabulary. What springs to mind when thinking of Transcendency? Well definitely the way the Donald sees himself, let’s see if we can still learn a few lessons from him. Also this week we’re testing our genius spark, applauding random acts of kindness and rooting for a typical Dutch sandwich filler to conquer the US.

On exercising a successful reboot

Believe it or not? Trump can teach us a thing or two about ai???teamwork’. You don’t have to like somebody to gain knowledge! (via

Should a strong leader be likeable?

While we’re on the subject of likability:

ai???You can’t worry about being liked, you have to focus on taking the right steps to build a strong and successful business and getting the right people to go along on the journey with
‘ Ruder Finn CEO Kathy Bloomgarden

What kind of genius are you?

Marlon Roosblad: ai???Let me say I am a lazy genius, or did I really score that bad?ai???

Prove to yourself that you’re a genius this weekend, and take your time because there is such a thing as a slow genius. It’s even genius to consult people who know their shit. (via

Is your sales staff redundant?

If you do it right, is having a sales team really that important? (via

Random acts of kindness

It’s a fact of life, giving something to someone else, whether it’s a compliment, a coffee or a big cash prize, will make you feel good. But the way this couple is going about it is truly inspiring! (via


We Dutchies love our hagelslag, because why on earth wouldn’t you want to eat chocolate sprinkles on a slice of bread? Well, the guys from Hagelswag have set out to bring this Dutch delight to New York City, and we’re in full support! (via

Snapchat isn’t where you go to be pretty

Most of us here at Formlab are digitally native, or at least, have embraced our digital personas. We’re all active on the bigger social networking sites, but Snapchat is still a little under the radar. Your Snapchat profile it’s not necessarily something to share with the world, more something to share between friends. Is it because of the funny filters, or because these fleeting and low quality images show more of the truth? (via

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