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Weekly roundup ai??i?? Trending


Weekly roundup – Trending

Welcome back to another weekly roundup and a look at some of the best articles we’ve found around the web in the pastAi??week (or two). We’ve been travelling and can appreciate the logistic nightmare that faces organisers of the U.N. General Assembly. But face time is important, just as important as knowing where to grab the best street food in town, and no thanks to Instagram, we’ll have to spend hours creating our own maps again. Also this week, we give our 20-year old self some well-due advice and learn that potential employees are willing to take lower salaries for better CSR standards.

You win one you lose one

After introducing the much-needed ai???pinch and zoom’ function on photos ‘ need as in, is that really cellulite on Kim K’s buttocks, let’s zoom in and find out ‘ Instagram has gone and taken away the Photo Map function. How will we be able to find cool places in the neighbourhood without having to physically Google them? (via

40 under 40

Fortune is gearing up to release its 2016 ’40 under 40′ list, including the 40 most influential young people in business today. Looking back at last year’s they asked ai???What piece of advise would you give your 20-year old self?ai???. You may be surprised at what they said. (via

Streetfood makeover

We were lucky enough to visit London and its vibrant street food scene during our citizenMag contributors roadtrip only last week. It’s pretty evident that street food is becoming, well, main food, with so many flavours from so many different nationalities to pick from. See how one man is transforming vacant buildings into buzzing street food meccas, courtesy of

Remind you of anything?

Treat you better, pay you less?

A new study has shown that prospective employees are willing to take lower salaries if companies can present a good CSR case. And it’s not just the altruistic ones. Perceptions are that companies that have their own CSR standards in place, will probably treat their employees better. What do you think? (via

The importance of Face to Face

This week, the heads of state are coming together to meet in New York for the U.N. General Assembly. It’s a logistic nightmare, and we don’t even want to know how much this is costing (in hotel rooms alone). But in an age wherein most of our communication is done digitally, should we really deny these people their face-time? (via

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