Weekly roundup week 18

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Weekly roundup week 18


Weekly roundup week 18

Time to take a look at the articles that inspired us this week and led us to ask some critical questions. From the three skills that are critical to success (or are they), to the seven deadly sins that hotels should be avoiding, and how teens may need some rehab to cure their phone addictions, here is our weekly roundup.

Make better business decisions

Global CEO of Maxus Lindsay Pattison reveals her three skills that are critical to success. But are they really? You decide.


Who will host future NFL drafts?


Chicago has long been home of the NFL draft but there are other cities now vying to host the event. The draft itself has grown intoAi??a 20 million viewer business, and marketing teams know how to play their audience. (via

7 deadly sins for hoteliers

We work for some interesting brands within the hospitalityAi??industry and therefore we take these sins seriously. Seems like we’re right to keep preaching that it’s all about the experience. (via

How media are becoming sales platforms


We’re seeing a shift within some of the big online media outlets. From informative, or downright hilarious news feeds (Buzzfeed we’re looking at you) to VR and selling platforms. Is this simply a smart move, or are they trying to be something they’re not? (via

6 media trends you need to know right now

The 6 most important media trends according to Alphabet’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt. (via

Teenage zombies consumed by phonesAi??

texting teen

Over half the teens who took a survey conducted by Common Sense Media ‘ a nonprofit focused on helping children, parents, teachers and policymakers negotiate media and technology ‘ feel they are addicted to their mobile phone. NO SHIT! (via

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