Weekly roundup – Whippersnappers

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Weekly roundup – Whippersnappers


Weekly roundup – Whippersnappers

This week we’re going back to our childhood to find new ways of de-stressing. Colouring books for adults are all the rage, but have you ever considered going back to camp to practice arts and crafts and re-connect sans Wi-Fi? Of course being a kid also meant fights over marbles, PokAi??mon cards, and who got the next turn on Mario Cart, reminds us of the social media feuds raging at the moment between the Kardashian Klan and Team Swift. Also, this week, we look at two street artists who are creating dialogue in the areas they work, get inspired by the work of photographer William Eggleston, and share some great tips for leveraging your business on Instagram.

Colour me happy

Have you jumped on the colouring book bandwagon yet? CNN reports that expressing ourselved through art can help reduce stress, and we couldn’t agree more. Check out the glorious NSFW versions hiding around the internet for instant giggles too’ (via

First day of camp

We’ve all been to summer camp at one point in our lives, whether shipped off for summer or together with our class mates. Now, summer camps are becoming popular again among (young) adults. Well, we truly believe in getting to know one another through playing games too, which is why we always focus on the fun during our citizenMag contributor outings! (via

Taking control

Love em or hate em, Trump and the Kardashians really know how to leverage their celebrity status to bring their message across. Case in point, the Swift/Kardashian feud: ai???That shows Kardashian is not only a smart businesswoman who understands the power of mobile apps and gaming, but someone who appreciates the evolution of PR and media as

Of course, it’s one thing to build you own persona, when you’re in the negative spotlights like the NFL, maybe Bill Clinton’s old chief spin doctor Joe Lockhart, is what you need to steer the narrative in your favor, own the message, and provide the context to the content.

When art overtakes the artist

French-Tunisian artist el-Seed travelled to Cairo to bring his ai???caligraffiti’ art to one of the poorer neighbourhoods of the city. In the process, he actually became the message he was aiming to project. (via

In related street art news, check out the work of Alice Mizrachi, fine-art gone rogue.


Marlon Roosblad: ai???So if this guy was inspiring David Lynch of Twin Peaks, then he’s surely now on my list of

Check out William Eggleston at the National Portrait Gallery, London. (via

7 top tips for Instagram entrepreneurs

Busy building your brand? Well, as we know a thing or two about social media, we didn’t want to keep these great tips all to ourselves. Read on to see how Instagram can help solidify your brand in the social sphere. (via

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