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Weekly roundup ai??i?? Adroitness


Weekly update – Adroitness

So you think you have skills? Well take a look at two completely different artists below and how they are bringing paintings to life, and using life to power their art. Also this week we’re shocked at numbers published about the average American media use, we take a tour of some iconic Olympic advertising, and visit some of our peers to see how they work.

Living, breathing art

The artworks of Alexa Meade are pretty stunning. They may look like paintings, but her figures are actually living, breathing, painted models. It’s great to see contemporary artists use social media as a platform for their work, showing us a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making such an elaborate piece. (via

Buzzing art

Wolfgang Buttress’ The Hive is a prime example of how to use local heroes ‘ in this case a bee-keeper and his bees ‘ to educate viewers in a fun and immersive way. (via

The Hive is currently installed at Kew Gardens. More on that over at citizenMag. Ai??

Smartphone addicts

Can you believe that U.S. adults consumer a whopping 10 hours and 39 minutes of media a day? That’s smartphones, Netflix, and desktop surfing combined, but wow. (via

Olympic advertising

The Rio 2016 olympics are set to kick-off next month. Time to look back at some iconic olympic advertising over the years and wonder what’s in store this time round.Ai?? (via

Agency band

It’s always nice to see what your colleagues and peers are up to. Experimental Jetset is an Amsterdam-based creative studio that works like a band formation, instead of the traditional agency model of juniors and seniors. (via

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