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Weekly update ai??i?? Convocation


Weekly update – Convocation

If you work in any kind of office environment, you’re sure to have received one: a convocation. Our word of the week is all about structured meetings, which can be super productive and probably play a huge role for the top 10 brands of 2016. If you’re a freelancer, it’s probably been a while since you received one, but staying social is a really important part of your work/life balance. This and 6 other tips below! We’re also looking at some great quotes this week, by Muhammad (the Greatest) Ali and Marshawn Lynch (former Seattle Seahawk). We’ve seen Lynch sell Skittles, BeyoncAi?? sell Pepsi, JT sell McDonalds, but is this really the kind of brand they should be endorsing? We think not.

Read all this and more in this week’s update!

Junk endorsements

If a musician is a brand, then I beg the question: what do you stand for, is junk in your DNA. It seems, the music industry at large has gone from sex drugs and rock’n roll to porn junk food and rock’n roll. We bet they never even touch the stuff they’re marketing! (via

How to be an effective freelancer

Working from home, or your local coffee shop, still means setting an alarm clock and putting in the hours. Although marathon sessions of your favourite Netflix series while still in your pyjamas may seem like a perk of being you own boss, you will thank yourself later by sticking to these 7 tips from highly effective freelancers. (via

Don’t take copyright lightly

Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg has sued Spotify for using an image on Notorious B.I.G. on its artist page. One look at the image and it seems pretty clear that this is a cropped version of the original. Curious to see how this will play out! (via

Honouring a legend and his words

The passing of Muhammad Ali has sparked all kinds of best-of lists. This one really stuck in our minds. (via

10 most valuable brands of 2016

The most valuable brands of 2016 ranked by Milward Brown. No surprises here! (via

5 best Marshawn Lynch quotes

Marlon Roosblad:Ai??ai???We love quotes and I love sports

Former Seattle Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch is known for keeping it real during interviews, making him one of the more colourful characters in sports. After announcing his retirement, Sports Illustrated has picked 5 of his best quotes for your viewing pleasure. (via

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