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Weekly Update ai??i?? Trending


Weekly update – Trending

This week we’re taking a look at global internet trends, how to brand yourself whether your a supermodel or a super creative, how to say ai???no’ at work, and how to get blend into Berlin’s nightlife scene, among others. We also see what happens when you don’t take designers seriously on national television, never a good idea.

Internet trends

While the growth of internet users and smartphone sales are slowing down (partly due to almost worldwide saturation) we’re set to see an influx of self-driving cars, private (feeling) messaging apps, and voice-controlled computers. While we can’t quite see ourselves catching up on the latest news while yelling ai???Hey Siri!ai??? during our commute by car yet, we also didn’t foresee that we’d be stuck to our smartphone screens for 8 hours a day either’ (via

ai???Tall, strong, and beautifulai???

Get ready to feel old. Naomi Campbell is celebrating her 30th anniversary in modeling this year. Wow. While the ai???new’ super models seem to be switching places faster than a Tesla reaches 100 km an hour (bye Cara, hi Karli) the original supermodels are still going strong and looking better than ever. The way that they have marketed themselves into household names is truly inspiring, have a quick read, or watch the full interview with Derek Blasberg here. (via

Personal branding 101

Whether you’re looking to build your personal brand to increase your following, make new connections, or perhaps attract potential employers, it’s always a good idea to keep consistency in mind. Take a look at these 6 steps to master your personal branding on the web. (via

Just say ai???No’

Saying ai???no’ at work can be a daunting and sometimes downright difficult task. But it’s all about understanding and communicating with one another. Of course a little extra work never killed nobody, but if you feel you are not the right person for the task, or if your workload is simply too high, then it’s time to set boundaries. Sue Quackenbush, chief human resources officer at Vonage explains how to do it right. (via

Why you need to take design seriously

Apparently Petra Hendriksen of Capgemini (a French consultancy and ICT company) didn’t get the memo before her interview on the Dutch eight o’clock news. When asked about website design, Hendriksen says: ai???If you’re a woman and can do your makeup and dress well, then you can design a nice-looking website Er, no Petra. This (ridiculous) statement has led to hilarious jokes on Twitter with versions such as ai???If you’ve just landed at Schiphol, then you can design a great landing page (@WebNed)ai??? or ai???If you’ve ever been to Indonesia, then you’re probably good at Javascript (@CallieFrisky)ai???.

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Check out #capgemini on Twitter for more! (via

Want to get in to Berghain?

We’ve all been there, standing in line for a club, nervously contemplating whether our outfits are cool enough and our knowledge of music vast enough to enter. Most of the time it’s a matter of having the right ticket. But at Berghain ‘ Berlin’s most notorious underground Techno Walhalla ‘ it’s another story. Even if you’re not the clubbing type, this great interactive simulator will take you on the nail-biting journey of a Berlin club goer. Will you get in?

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